Option 2 Not Removing Tiles

Option 2 – Not removing Tiles

This is a simple process where the

  1. Pours grout is removed and replaced with a waterproofed grout
  2. A clear sealant is applied over the top of the tiles.

Custom Bathroom is able to before this procedure and provides a warranty for this type of work the same as its competitors.

If you are hoping for a quick and easy fix this type of work my interest you but please beware of the RISKS related to this type of works.

This method of shower repair is surfaced based as shown below in fig 1 and is subjected to cracking due to expanding and contracting between the tile joints which is a common in most residential building.

Unfortunately this type of work is not recognized in the Building code of Australia V2 3.8.1 and the Australia Standards AS3740 as an approved shower waterproofing method in new construction or renovations.


This is the cheaper option when it comes to repairing a leaking shower but be aware that even though majority of companies give warranties between 10 to 20 years that this type of work is not guaranteed against structural movement which occurs in many Australian households and may be the reason why your shower is leaking.


  • Cosmetic face lift to shower
  • Completed in 1 day
  • Cheaper option
  • Do not have to match tiles


  • Does not Repair incorrect tile fall
  • Unable to Reinstall Shower screen to current building standards
  • Not able to rectify the cause of the leak
  • Unable to replace the Faulty Waterproofing membrane located under the tiles
  • Unable able to dry out the water damage which prevents future termite damage.
  • Not recognized by the Building code of Australia V2 3.8.1 and the Australia Standards AS3740.
  • Not warranted against Structural movement

Frequently Asked questions

    1. How  much does it Cost?

The cost of this type of work can range from $700 – $900

    1. How long does it take?

This work is completed in one day ranging from 4hr – 8hr depending on the extent of the works.

    1. How long is the warranty?

As described above Custom bathroom is able to warrant this type of repair for 15 years just like its competitors yet as described already our clients must be mindful of all the terms and conditions which our friendly staff will explain to you.