Option 1 Removing Tiles

Removing Tiles – Option 1

This option of repair is guaranteed and we are able to match your tiles as shown below.


This type of work is involves the following

  1. Removal of the shower screen
  2. Removal of the floor & Skirting Tiles
  3. Removal of the existing damaged waterproofing membrane
  4. Installation of a copper Tray Fig 2
  5. Installation of a new Waterproofing Membrane Fig 3
  6. Reinstall Tiles
  7. Reinstall Shower screen

There are two types of waterproofing used above in Figure 2 the copper tray protects the shower from building movement and acts as a waterproofing membrane whilst Figure 3 the fiberglass membrane acts as secondary waterproofing membrane. Both types of waterproofing methods are recommended and recognized under the Building code of Australia V2 3.8.1 and the Australia Standards AS3740.


This type of work is guaranteed for 10 years it is guarantied against structural movement and to put in simple if the shower leaks after we have completed there will be NO get out clause.


  • We are able to Reinstall Shower screen to current building standards
  • We are able to Reinstall Tiles to current building standards with correct fall
  • We are able to Reinstall Waterproofing membrane to current building standards
  • We are able to dry out Water damage to walls and floors located under preventing termites.
  • We are able to Guaranteed against building movement


  • Can take up to 7 Days prior to using to shower

Frequently Asked questions

    1. How much does it Cost?

The cost of this type of work can range from $2000-3000

    1. Can I match my existing Tiles?

If you done not have similar tiles don’t worry, our friendly staff will do their best to match your existing tiles.

    1. Can I have the show screen down to the tiles and remove the HOB (Step)?

Yes we can remove the HOB and have your shower screen continue down to the floor as shown below

    1. How Long does it Take?

Day 1 We remove you tiles and install copper tray and waterproofing
Day 2 We retile you shower floor and skirting
Day 3 We reinstall your show screen

    1. Will it be messy?

Our experience staff use the latest tools which cause minimal dust, any dust is concealed in the bathroom which we will clean on completion.