Shower Repairs

What is a the main cause of a shower leak?
From the moment that you turn on the water within your shower cubical the water immediately penetrates the tiles. Keep in mind that tiles and grout on your shower floor do not act as a waterproofing membrane and they are not required to under the Building code of Australia V2 3.8.1 and the Australia Standards AS3740.

Grout is porous and purely cosmetic, the shower floor tiles if laid correctly provide fall to the shower waste so water does not pool in your shower.

The Waterproofing membrane that is underneath your tiles and grout is preventing your shower from leaking

Therefore, if the grout has come away or there is a crack in the tiles this is NOT the cause of your leaking shower.

The only barrier preventing the shower from leaking is the waterproofing membrane which is located under the tiles. Once the waterproofing membrane is damaged the water is able to penetrate the membrane which causes the shower to leak.

Other Causes of shower leaks due to faulty installation and general wear and tear are:

  • Shower screen incorrectly installed
  • Tiles incorrectly installed
  • Waterproofing membrane incorrectly installed
  • Cracked Pipes
  • Leaking taps
  • Faulty Shower Screen Silicone